I have known Steve a bit longer than Lauren but both are wonderful very hard working people and their "Brand" speaks for itself. Steve and I served on the board of BLOC together and Lauren handles Admin for the same organization so their networking experience is strong. I recently sought a change in my business card design as well as tag line. My Cards were a bit outdated and though cool they were not easy to read or clean enough. I enlisted the help of the Brand Affect and they knocked it out of the park. They only problem I had was having a hard time choosing from all the awesome ideas they had. Then with just a few minutes of discussing what I was looking for in a tag line they helped me go from 'looking out for your future' (which could have easily been a financial planner's) to 'Advanced Solutions Through Modern Technology'. Though the Business card thing is not really their core solution they jumped right in and MADE IT SIZZLE!

Rusty Stevens
Advanced Tech Systems & Automation